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"Nothing is too good to be true."

Without a doubt, every single Reconnective Healing® experience offers the potential for meaningful change and personal growth.

Scientific studies and personal reports show and confirm this to us again and again.

We also observe that recovery often occurs immediately and usually lasts a lifetime.

Bright Yellow Residential Building
"If I hadn't received the impulse to work on remembering my wholeness, I would always have remained stuck in a microscopically tiny, fearful part of my true possibilities."  Karin Danebrock
"If I had listened to the world and not set out on this path, I would not believe in my health and my healing powers, but would probably swallow bitter pills."
Thomas Danebrock

The following list contains some of the most commonly reported benefits observed and received through interaction with the Reconnective Healing® frequencies:

1 | RECOVERY from physical (broken bones, hereditary diseases, cancer, blindness, deafness, cardiovascular diseases, skin problems, etc.), mental (psychoses, autism, etc.), emotional (anger, unhappiness, depression, anxiety, etc.) and spiritual (spiritual Detachment, lack of meaning in life, etc.) deficits.

2 | CONSCIOUSNESS expands to the inner self and subconscious programs are recognized.

3 | INNER PEACE through a deep feeling of love, truth and peace.

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