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Reconnect. Transform. Heal.

To all who want to remember that the miracle is the super-natural channel for healing.

It serves to return to harmony on all possible levels.

Like my mother waking up from a coma after a Reconnective Healing® distance session, or a client's spontaneous recognition of the cause of his depression.

It is a spontaneous transformation into the originally and divine healthy state.

My list of wonderful examples is long and significant that healing can take place outside of space & time.

Whether it involves acute physical wounds, emotional trauma, burnouts, infertility or chronic suffering up to and including a cancer diagnosis, it doesn't matter.

With Reconnective Healing®, the inner healer is intelligently activated and the memory of the perfect creation we are made of is refreshed.

Transformation through knowledge dissolves the cause of undesirable effects.

No therapy. No dependencies. No side effects.

All you need is a willingness to receive the Reconnective Healing® frequencies and to want to change something.



A very, very long time ago, the pure spirit decided it wanted to experience something else. An impulse to develop out of this one infinite, unconditionally loving spirit.

We wanted to expand. To experience ourselves anew in bodies. To see ourselves shine in the darkness. And we made a promise to remember each other again when the fun of this manifested separation from our source left us, because we forgot that it was just a thought after all.  

Since 2007, Thomas and I have been consciously working together to transform the unconscious limitations of our true selves. To let go of everything that limits our supernatural vibration.

We wanted to fully remember that we are not just what the world tells us we are.

We desperately wanted to rediscover the realisation of our perfect consciousness in order to transcend mental boundaries and live freely according to our universal creative power.

Since 2014, we are Reconnective Healing® practitioners and certified for Personal Reconnection® in order to share the divine sparkle.








Our special offer

Reconnective Healing® Distance Sessions

>> intensive > contactless > familiar environment > climate neutral <<

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